Test de conducir

Me gustaría recomendaros la página de test de conducir mejor que he visto, http://vialtest.com. Contiene test de autoescuela y resúmenes del temario oficial de la DGT.

Si no os gusta esa, también recomiendo http://practicatest.com, la mayor parte del contenido es gratuito, pero la zona premium es barata.


Dear Choreographers, Dancers, Directors, and Friends,

We are proud to announce this coming 2013 Heaster Time the 26th edition of the "Barcelona Dance Award ", directions below.

Our annual Choreography Competition is designed to discover and promote emerging Dance Schools/Groups.

The event has become a major attraction for choreographic talent from around the world, and the leading choreography competition for "all dance arts style" in Spain.

The competition enables Dance Schools/Groups to present their work in a state of the art facility, before a jury of recognized members of the dance world, and has helped launch the careers of many talented artists.

Enclosed you will find more information, and an application form to the Europe Dance Competition Season 2013.

Application forms are also available at our website:

Interested parties are asked to send their completed application by email to:

We would appreciate your posting the Dance Competitions information in your workplace and passing it on to any party you think may be interested.

Only a little FEE needed and there will be no extra charge for participate.

The organizers must receive applications no later that February 28th 2013.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and Just in a few days you will receive advertising materials, the Dance2013 new brochures & posters, please email us your "free on charges request info" to: dancebarcelona@katamail.com

School/Company Name: ____________________________

E.mail Address: ____________________________________ *REQUIRED FIELD

Shipping Address: _______________________________

City: _______________________ State/Province: ________

Country: __________________ ZIP/Postal: ____________

Kind regards,


The “What Makes You Happy?” book project…

You can now get involved with a project that has the potential to reach countless people. So many of us focus on the negative things in life and what we cannot do, not what we can do. “What Makes You Happy?” Is the start of something big that I want to continue and grow, so that it enriches people’s lives and touches the masses, and not just a few people. This is all about you and what makes you feel happy, which in turn, when others read will bring enlightenment to them and make them think about what makes them happy too. Like attracts like! Therefore positivity attracts positivity.

To contribute you can post what makes you happy (anything from one word to a whole paragraph! Or even more than one, as people have been sending!) on here. You can also email me at:
clare21@live.com or clare_bean3@yahoo.co.uk

Or you can message me via facebook at the following profiles:
Clare Lawrence https://www.facebook.com/clare.lawrence.184
or Clare Lawrence II http://www.facebook.com/clare.lawrenceii

Or contact me via Twitter at:

You do not have to have your name published, you can have just your first name or even remain anonymous if you so wish (or make up a pseudonym). Many thanks in advance to anyone who shows interest in the project and also that contributes! I am very much looking forward to getting some more quotes. The response so far has been really great! :) :) :)



**Wonderful Opportunity** Investment Properties in CAPE VERDE - Take a look. Some Beautiful SEA FRONT Homes.................

Price: 26,950 euros - Large 1 Bed Apartment nr Town Centre of Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde!!

Price: 40,000 euros - Front Line (1st line to beach) 1 Bed Apt Blue Marine Resort, Cape Verde....

Price: 51,950 euros - Large 2 Bed Apt only 80m from sea with Balcony. Sal Island, Cape Verde....

Price: 80,000 euros - Santa Monica Beach Resort Front Line *Wonderful Investment Properties*

Price: 110,000 euros - The fabulous Melia Tortuga Beach and Spa Resort located on the frontline of Ponta Preta´s white sands.

Price: 127,000 euros - 2 Bed 2 Bath BEACH FRONT...Tortuga Beach Resort & Spa

Tel: (0034) 96-679-0844 or (0034) 679-779-122
e-mail: spainretreats@yahoo.co.uk


Holiday RENTAL properties in La Marina -

We have an amazing selection of Rental properties on La Marina urbanisation for you to pick from. We are able to offer you properties from a fairly small apartment to a large detached villa with private pool. To take a look at all these holiday rentals just click the link. Go to the Calendar to see which dates are available and you can book direct on line with the owner. It's very easy to do.




Your Pension

Are you looking to get more out of your pension?

We are able to offer you a review on your pension via one of the, leading I.F.A's in the U.K who are able to offer many pension options.

If you would like to have a FREE pension review and see if you are getting the best return for your money then either go to

http://www.spain-info.co.uk/Pension-Review.htm or email us direct at infoATspain-info.co.uk You need to take out the AT and replace with @ to do this.

Why does Admin allow this item to be posted everyday. It's clearly advertising, not something relating to items relevant to local events. There are other better places than this for advertising, but if it's going to be allowed, why not charge for it.

Commented David in La Marina 2012-04-19 09:29:10 UTC

Hi David
Its hard to keep a balance with advertisers as I feel that in some cases they have something to offer the members, but as you have stated it can be too much sometimes. I will contact this company and get them to reduce the times they post.


Commented Team ASL "A Spanish Life" in La Marina 2012-04-19 09:33:02 UTC

Wonderful Opportunity to Purchase a Country Property - DRASTIC REDUCTIONS..........................

I have just been informed that the following properties have now been drastically Reduced - All are beautiful Country Villas in Sax, Albatera & Crevillente, so if you are looking for a Real Bargain take a look at the following:

Ref: JA227 Sax - Price Was 270,000 euros NOW 192,000 euros..........4 BED DETACHED VILLA

Ref: JA0069 Albatera - Price Was 245,000 euros NOW 174,900 euros......3 BED DETACHED FINCA

Ref: JA251 Sax - Price Was 305,000 euros NOW 188,000 euros.........2 HOUSES ON 1 PLOT

Ref: JAF3 Albatera - Price Was 300,000 euros NOW 220,000 euros.........3 BED DETACHED VILLA

Ref: JA106 Sax - Price Was 322,300 euros NOW 195,000 euros.....FANTASTIC 4 BED DETACHED VILLA - LARGE PLOT

Ref: JA7024 Crevillente - Price Was 410,000 euros NOW 260,000 euros........VILLA + CHALET ON 1 PLOT

To View please e-mail: spainretreats@yahoo.co.uk
OR Tel (0034) 96-679-0844 or (0034) 679-779-122



For Sale - STABLES + Villa with Pool

Anybody Looking for a STABLES?

We have just had this one come on to our Books - Very Cheap !!

For Full details please click the link below:


If you would like to view either e-mail: spainretreats@yahoo.co.uk
OR Tel (0034) 96-679-0844 or (0034) 679-779-122

This is the link to Our Website for a fuller selection of Properties For Sale




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Euro weakness = Bargain property in Europe for Brits...

Hi Guys,

I am pretty new to this site, but I wanted to introduce myself briefly. I work with IFX in Mayfair, London. I am a foreign currency trader, always looking to network and think outside the box to find new business. I help private and corporate clients all over the world exchange currency at a far better rate than banks, and also provide a friendly, personable service at every stage of the transaction.

I have found recently more Brits are capitalising on the good(ish) exchange rate GBP-EUR to snap up property in Europe. The declien of the euro has led to savings of 5-10% in the last 12-18 months and this may well continue wuth teh uncertainty in the Eurozone.

If you or any friends have any need to exchange currency please feel free to drop me a line.

Mucho Gracias!

Paul Davey

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